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Ginkgo Biloba: Excellent Brain Power Supplement

Posted by Shopsomalife on 12/13/2014 to Brain Health
Do you want to improve your memory and concentration level? You can opt for ginkgo biloba for the same. It is one of the best and popular herbal medications that can be used for a variety of health issues. The most widespread and common use of Ginkgo biloba is for mental health and awareness. This herb is extensively used these days and is gradually growing in popularity. 

In Praise of Cognizin – Citicoline

Posted by Shopsomalife on 12/12/2014 to Brain Health
We cannot help but to age in our lives.  So many changes take place as we get older.  There are changes such as forgetfulness and reduced sense of concentration and focus.  Recent memories are harder to access.  Reflexes slow down and sounds, light and smells must be relatively stronger in order to be adequately received

About IQ150...It Really Works!

Posted by Scientific Advisors on 9/16/2014 to Brain Health
IQ150 is a dietary supplement that delivers enhanced mental clarity, memory and retention capacity. IQ150 addresses several other problems related to brain health including oxidative stress, brain fog, neuro-degeneration and cross-cell communication. IQ150 is a brain enhancement product designed from top scientific ingredients.

Love Your Brain so that it Can Love You Back

Posted by Scientific Advisors on 4/18/2014 to Brain Health

Love Your Brain so that it Can Love You Back

Aging can be downright frightening. Not only are we concerned about our bodies slowing down, we worry about our minds doing the same. In fact, for many, brain health is more important than is physical health. And, especially for those who have had a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, these fears are understandable.

Brain Health

Posted by Dr. White on 10/18/2013 to Brain Health

Brain Health

There are several benefits to maintaining brain health to ensure excellent memory function while aging. In addition to cognition, the human brain assists with basic body functions such as breathing. While many people understand caring for the body by exercising and eating properly, the health of the brain is often ignored. Due to the larger numbers of elderly individuals, medical conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are receiving more attention. Medical researchers are trying to find ways to increase brain health to help patients living in memory care units in assisted living facilities and nursing homes...