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Do Your Dogs and Cats Really Need Supplements?

Posted by shopsomalife on 10/9/2014 to Pet Health
It is understandable that many pet owners fail to understand that their pets need to take dietary supplements. After all, for the most part, our cats and dogs seem to be happy, carefree members of our lives for years at a time. However, the truth is that just as you and I need to, our cats and dogs do indeed need dietary supplements. 

Our pets need these supplements for the same reason that people do, to give our bodies and minds the complete nutrition they must have in order to function at the highest level possible for the longest period of time possible. When you give your pets supplements you are not trying to immediately cure an infection or other health problem they have; instead, you are strengthening their systems so that their bodies and minds are strong enough to fight off future infections, sore joints, skin and coat problems such as dermatitis, dental disease, fatty livers, and mental lethargy and illness. When you give your pets dietary supplements, you are not only adding years to their lives, you are also adding life to their years. 

Now, even with all of that being said, many pet owners still hold the point of view that pet food is already fortified with vitamins and minerals. And, this is true. However, it is not enough. Our dogs and cats evolved from long lines of ancestors that ate wild animals for hundreds of thousands of years. They did not evolve to eat kibble and canned food. In fact, cats and dogs have been eating processed pet food for less than 100 years. 

If you have had pets in the past you ought to know what eventually happens when we fail to give our dogs and cats the nutrition that Mother Nature says they need. They end up suffering from modern diseases and maladies just as modern man does. We all deserve better.