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Five Ways to Maintain Pet Health with Your Cats and Dogs

Posted by Marlies White on 11/20/2013 to Pet Health

1) Buy the Right Food
Feeding your pets a healthy diet is a crucial part to keeping them healthy. You don't have to buy the most expensive pet food on the market, but you should look for something that has the right ingredients to keep your pet healthy and happy. Consider talking to your veterinarian about a good pet food to feed your dog or cat, and look for a formula that is targeted to your pet's age and lifestyle, such as an indoor cat or weight management blend for overweight cats that live inside, a small dog food for toy breeds and a puppy food for younger dogs. This helps ensure that your pet is getting the proper nutrition for his or her situation, age and lifestyle.

2) Encourage Exercise
Making sure that your pets get plenty of exercise is essential for good health, just as it is for humans. Encouraging active play and taking your pets for walks is a great way to keep them healthy while bonding and having a good time at the same time.

3) Don't Skimp on Necessary Healthcare
Making sure that your pets get their shots, heartworm prevention medication, dewormer and more is important, so make sure that you don't skip out on it. It can be costly to take pets to the vet's office, but it is important to do so if you want for them to be as healthy as possible.

4) Don't Ignore Health Issues
Even if your pet has had all of his or her necessary shots, dewormer and more, if your dog or cat doesn't seem to be healthy or if it just seems like something is wrong, it is important to address the issue right away. Therefore, if your pet seems to be under the weather or is sick or injured in any way, it is important to contact your veterinarian right away.

5) Give Your Pet Plenty of Love
Giving your pet plenty of love, affection and attention is essential in order for him to be happy and healthy, so make sure that you take the time to bond with and spend time with your fury friend on a daily basis. Just as people who are happy tend to be healthier, this is also the case with dogs and cats. Also, spending time with your pet will make it easier for you to notice if his or her health is slipping or if something seems wrong.

These five tips seem pretty easy, but following them can make a major difference in the overall level of health of your furry friend.