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In Praise of Cognizin – Citicoline

Posted by Shopsomalife on 12/12/2014 to Brain Health

We cannot help but to age in our lives.  So many changes take place as we get older.  There are changes such as forgetfulness and reduced sense of concentration and focus.  Recent memories are harder to access.  Reflexes slow down and sounds, light and smells must be relatively stronger in order to be adequately received. 

One of the reasons, the above phenomenon occur with aging is the way the brain utilizes neurons in the firing of synapses.  With age they also slow down and have decreased energy.  For these reasons, neurons in the brain which has aged may need more of certain nutrients than they once did.  Recent research from a number of studies has given Cognizin, more scientifically known as Citicoline increased attention because of its ability to support and enable brain functioning.  Citicolene supports brain health by stimulating the activity of the mitochondria in neurons thereby producing energy.  ATP which is a high-energy compound produced by the mitochondria is significantly increased by Citicoline.  These studies are documented in the following scientific journals:  Neurobiological Disorders (2005), Journal of Pharmacological Therapy (1985) as well as New Mexico Review of Biomedicine. (2008). 

While the above studies were used on animals in the laboratory, studies on humans have found that Citicoline alters and improves brain activity and energy – including significant improvements in focus, attention, short and long-term memory, perceptual-motor capacity, as well as emotional and behavioral control.  Yes, this wonder drug is on the market and those who are aging gracefully but still having “senior moments” as they say, swear by it and attest to the drug’s efficacy.

Many other studies and further research have confirmed the benefits Cognizin-Citicoline, simply Google the term to affirm this.  There is little doubt that this medicinal aid can help to preserve cognitive function and memory in the brain that has aged.  Thus, for aging Americans, whom want to enhance and improve their cognitive functions through dietary supplements, Citicoline is quite more than just a smart option.