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Live a Younger Life

Posted by Shopsomalife on 10/20/2014 to Age Management

Youth isn’t just for the young.  You’ve paid your dues, gone through the emotional and financial ups and downs of your twenties, survived them and perhaps even flourished through them.  That doesn’t mean that as your thirtieth, fortieth birthdays approach, or even if you are into your golden years, you don’t want to look and feel like you are in your twenties. 

There are some steps you can take to help you look and feel younger.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep.  Maybe there was a time when you could club all night then get up for work the next morning in your teens and early twenties.  Perhaps you could walk the floors all night with a colicky newborn, but those days are in your past.  Sleep is the only thing that will renew your body’s energy.

Eat right, and drink plenty of water.  Loading up on the vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and veggies will make you feel refreshed, recharged, and reenergized.

Work in a workout.  Whether you pump iron, do Pilates or take walks around your neighborhood, break a sweat and feel better for it.

Take some time for yourself.  Read a book, plant azaleas, get your hair done or a makeover; give yourself permission to enjoy life.  Find reasons to be and stay positive. 

In addition to these steps, taking an age management, health and beauty supplement like SomaLife’s Youth Supplement will help improve your mood, reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate your body, and give your hair and nails new growth, and give you the opportunity to live a younger life.