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The Benefits Of Maintaining Excellent Athletic Performance

Posted by Dr. White on 10/17/2013 to Athletic Performance

There are several benefits of maintaining excellent athletic performance. Several of those elements will be mentioned below.

Good muscle tone.

Good muscle tone is one important outcome that will be a direct result of maintaining superior athletic performance. Once someone reaches age 40, it is especially that much more important to maintain muscle tone because one's natural ability to maintain it without exercise decreases after this age.

Good heart health.

Maintaining one's athletic performance directly correlates with having good heart health. People who do not exercise are exponentially more likely to be sedentary, leading to a greater risk of myocardial infarction (also known as a heart attack). It's also very likely that those people who do not exercise are more likely to risk having hardened arteries or other health-related issues. Therefore, it makes sense that by maintaining strong athleticism, you are doing your heart a favor.

Improves lung function.

During exercise, you take more air into your lungs due to the intensity of your breathing. Therefore, exercising and improving your athletic performance definitely enhances your ability to breathe better overall.

Anti-aging effects.

There are several proven anti-aging effects that come with doing regular athletic activities. For example, after exercise, your face will look flushed and healthy. This is because blood in your system is pumping faster and the heart is working hard to circulate the blood in your body.

Feel-good effects.

When you exercise, this releases endorphins into the brain, which make you feel very good. You feel healthier, energized, and relaxed. Exercising will literally make you feel wonderful physically.

Improved psychology.

Exercising also will improve your psychology and your overall mindset. Since you're exercising, you are going to not only feel better, but look better as well. In your own mind, you are reinforcing the idea that you value yourself by valuing exercise. This, in turn, will give you a sense of accomplishment in your athletic prowess and ability to achieve your fitness goals.

Stress reliever. It has been proven that exercise relieves stress and helps athletes to relax. 

Regulates digestion.

People who exercise usually are able to digest their food better. They also have less difficulty regulating their digestion compared to people who choose not to exercise regularly. Good for those with health conditions. Regular exercise can lower blood sugars for diabetics. It can also have other beneficial effects for people who have other chronic health conditions.

Overall well-being.

Your overall well-being will be positively affected by doing exercise on a regular basis. According to Cotman and Berchtold (2002), "Extensive research on humans suggests that exercise could have benefits for overall health and cognitive function, particularly in later life" (p. 295). 

 Obviously there are several health and other benefits to be gained by continuing an excellent record of athletic performance.


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