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The Benefits of Synergistic Interaction

Posted by Dr. White on 12/17/2013 to Promotions
Supplements are often a requirement for sound health. While we draw most of our daily nutrients and sustenance from our food, even the most thorough of diets can leave holes. These holes can become deficiencies if they aren't filled, and supplements are the easiest way to account for them. In addition to averting nutrient deficiency, supplements can provide the body a greater supply of certain healthful substances that the body can make use of.

The most commonly needed supplements take the form of vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamins assist with a variety of vital functions in the body, and antioxidants keep your immune system strong against illness. This makes them beneficial individually with each product filling a particular niche in your health. However, while a well-balanced supplement regimen can have a variety of benefits, the most exemplary use of supplements is in synergistic interaction.

Synergy is when two or more substances interact to provide a greater beneficial effect. In the case of health supplements, this reflects accounting for what supplements will interact to provide a better outcome for the individual taking them. An example is the combination of ginkgo biloba and ginseng, which are commonly paired to assist individuals with memory. They are beneficial individually, but combined each bolsters the effect of the other. In some cases, individuals will not show any improvement if they begin a ginkgo regimen or a ginseng regimen individually, but do when the effects are combined. This could be thought of like the fuel of a car and its oil. Both are good things to have, but without both, you won't get far.

Synergies are something to pay attention to, especially if you have found that supplements haven't provided you with a tangible benefit. The lack of immediate improvement doesn't indicate that the supplement didn't help. It indicates that there is more potential to unlock. With a little research, it's possible to assemble entire suites of supplements that assist with a particular purpose more effectively than any individual product can. By properly combining different supplements with their synergies taken into account, you can easily develop a regimen that will promote greater energy, ease of memory or greater youthfulness.

Offering supplements in packages themed for particular health purposes allows for a reduction in cost. It also simplifies the equation for the customer. Rather than needing to research and invest in individual products, you can pick the package that best suits your needs. Rather than tracking your supply of each individual supplement, you'll simply be provided with enough of everything for a given duration. This is why we've begun to offer combinations of supplements specialized for their unique synergies: Promotions

Identifying your health needs and what your body isn't getting enough of is important. This holds especially true as we age. Health is much easier to maintain than it is to regain. A proper choice of supplement can account for deficiencies and bolster your systems when you need it most, allowing you to continue feeling great for years to come. A proper synergistic combination of supplements can leave you feeling better than you ever did.