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Live a Younger Life

Posted by Shopsomalife on 10/20/2014 to Age Management
Youth isn’t just for the young. You’ve paid your dues, gone through the emotional and financial ups and downs of your twenties, survived them and perhaps even flourished through them. That doesn’t mean that as your thirtieth, fortieth birthdays approach, or even if you are into your golden years, you don’t want to look and feel like you are in your twenties.

Do Your Dogs and Cats Really Need Supplements?

Posted by shopsomalife on 10/9/2014 to Pet Health
Our pets need nutritional supplements because they did not evolve to thrive on processed pet food. Dogs and cats evolved eating wild animals. Cats and dogs that do not get supplements can suffer from many modern diseases and maladies such as dry skin, poor eyesight, dental problems, joint problems, obesity, and many other health care problems.